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Non-conformism. Aesthetics. Vision. These are not just words. These are the foundations of your future oasis of privacy and the mecca of relaxation. NEMUNAS, built in the centre of Druskininkai, is a true legend about to be given a new lease on life. We will resurrect it. For you to embark on a unique experience. In a new generation of apartments.
The whole of Druskininkai. In your apartment. In an apartment that envelops you in exceptional privacy. Surrounded by unique design. Pampers with endless amenities. Discover NEMUNAS. And with it, deep relaxation. Freedom. Nirvana.
On cloud 11
High above the ground. From the rooftop of NEMUNAS. The eleventh cloud. A breathtaking panorama of Druskininkai. A full range of choices. Life a step above. Spend time on a private terrace. Soak up the sun. In rippling light. Watch the stars in the sky and on the cinema screen.
Balance of life on the ground floor
Master the ground floor of NEMUNAS. Everything under one roof. Exercise, work and children's play areas. We envision a SPA centre as well. A restaurant. No obstacles for time planning. Only a wide spectre of possibilities.
Green spaces in the centre of Druskininkai
In the flow. In sync with nature. Right in the epicentre of Druskininkai - the green areas around NEMUNAS. Spaces merged with the town park. Extraordinary design. The oasis of leisure, work and play. A station for your inspiration. A place to recharge. To Off-load.
The land of constant balance and pleasant contrast. Druskininkai. Recreation and leisure, active and slow lifestyles existing in symbiosis. Immerse yourself in mineral waters with magical properties. Forest bathing or the esotericism of healing mud. Wander. Get lost. In peace and quiet. Druskininkai will nurture you. Body and soul.
On cloud 11
The balance of life
Green areas
NEMUNAS. The 1970s triumph and cult classic. With an expressive stature and a head held high above the city skyline. Later forgotten and almost lost to Mother Nature. Soon to undergo a renaissance, to be resurrected and become a jewel in the crown of Druskininkai once again.
Rich. Not just by nature. A constant flow of energy all year round. Mineral waters. Therapeutic resources. Treatments. Stroll, recover, relax and taste. Whatever the season. Here your ego will revive. Your alter ego withal.
All places
We are not satisfied with mass, one-size-fits-all solutions. Templates. A culture of copying. At CITUS, we are looking for our own path - an individual formula for success. We provoke, and we don't look sideways. Or backwards.
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2012 02 04
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